Donate for the Deities

For Online Donation : Please visit us at

For Internet Banking : You may submit your donations at our ICICI Bank Account
(Account No. 000401150140, Branch : Nariman Point, Mumbai, India)

Donations are entitled to deduction under section 80G of the Indian Income Tax Act, 1961. Please download the Janmashtami donation form (color or black/white).

Funds received through donations are utilised for the following deity services offerred in the temple.

Various Bhogas throughout the day:

Various Aratis throughout the day:

Dresses and Jewelleries for the deities:

If you wish to donate for any one or more of the above services, then please contact us or visit our donation website. You can also download the Deity Dress Sponsorship Brochure in PDF Format or ZIP format. Please note that we do not accept donations for specific purposes due to administrative and accounting formalities. For more information, please read frequently asked questions.