Frequently Asked Questions

(Updated on 12th October 2006)


  1. Can I visit the site from Windows XP machine or from a Linux or Unix machine?

    Devotees can take benefit of darshan from any operating system be it Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, all distributions of GNU/Linux, OS/2, BSD, Unix, etc. The site is platform independent. We have visitors who are even using their PDAs/Palm Tops to take darshan. So the operating system does not matter.

  2. Can I view the site from my GPRS/WAP enabled mobile handset?

    As of now, no. But we are planning to make at least daily darshan WAP enabled in the future to let more and more devotees have the benefit of darshan. However, if you can view non-wap sites through your mobile, then you can take darshan as well.

  3. Can I use something else than Internet Explorer to take darshan?

    You can use any browser that is capable of displaying pictures. You canít use a text-only browser like Lynx. But all other browsers under any operating systems will work. You can use Internet Explorer, Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape, Opera, Maxthon, Konqueror, etc.

  4. The site is not working at times! I am unable to take darshan.

    Our servers have an uptime guarantee of 99.9%! So it has always been working. However, thereís one possible cause. Every time you visit some site, there are various ďserver jumpsĒ. If one of those servers has a problem, you canít reach the final server. This problem has been noticed somewhat frequently, especially for VSNL and BSNL users in India. If on a day, you are unable to view the site, try going to anonymouse or some other proxy site and come to Deity Darshan from there.

  5. I cannot take todayís darshan! All that I see is small red-crosses or small broken images!

    One reason could be that deity photographs are not yet uploaded for the day. Try taking darshan of some other day and if you can do that, then this surely is the cause. Please visit again after some time.

    However, if you unable to take darshan of all days, then probably you need to check your browser settings. If you are using an office machine, contact the office administration to ensure that pictures are not blocked.

  6. In full month thumbnail view, I can only see thumbnails up to a particular day, rest all are small red-crosses or small broken images!

    Deity photographs and their thumbnails are uploaded everyday. So if you try November 2005 full month view on 15th November 2005, you will see thumbnails only up to that day! So all the thumbnails will be visible only on the last day or thereafter. You can view all thumbnails for the previous months.

  7. At what time do you upload the deity photographs everyday?

    The deity photographs are uploaded before 11:00 am (1100 hrs) Indian Standard Time everyday. However, sometimes due to some festivals or other services for the devotees who are entrusted with the job, there may be a slight delay.

  8. Why do you take so many days to upload photographs of festivals?

    We take many pictures during the festivals. However, we scrutinise each and every one of them and try to present the best ones on the site. Additionally, we have to resize every photograph to make it confirm to our present guidelines. This process takes some time.


  10. I like some of the deity photographs very much. Can I save them for future use?

    Yes and no. You can save and use them without any charge for your personal spiritual benefit, but not for any commercial gains. Please remember, ALL THE DEITY PHOTOGRAPHS AND OTHER MATERIAL ON THE SITE ARE COPYRIGHTED AND REMAIN THE PROPERTY OF SRI SRI RADHAGOPINATH MANDIR. If you want to use anything commercially, please contact us with more details.


  12. I came to know about this site somewhat late. Can I take darshan of earlier days?

    Yes. If you want to take darshan of the current year, please go to daily darshan, navigate to the month of your preference, click on the dates and take darshan to your heartís content. If you want to view all the thumbnails of a month, please see archives. From there you can also download the .zip file of the month of your choice. Unzip the files in separate folders and open index.htm to view deity photographs of that month.

    Please note that we keep deity photographs of only the current year on the site. The photographs of earlier years (May 2005 onwards) are available only on the CD/DVD.

  13. I can neither see all the deity photographs on the web-site nor can download them because internet connection charges are very high/connection is very slow here. Is there any other way?

    Yes there surely is. At the end of the year, we make CD/DVD with deity photographs for the year. This will include all the daily deity photographs published on the site, including the festival photographs. The CDs for the previous year may be available around 3rd week of January every year. Please contact us for more details about the CDs. We make yearly CDs. They can be obtained from the temple store. Alternatively, we can courier them after receiving payment in advance.

    However, if you wish to have CDs for a part of the year, please contact us with specific request. We shall make all endeavours to fulfill the request, but do not make any promises.


  15. Why should I register at the site?

    Registration helps us contact you. For example, we would like to inform you by email every time we update the site with new festival pictures or wallpapers.

  16. What if you sell my registration information?

    We are not gathering any personal or private information for commercial gain and we are not running this site for any monetary benefits. So you can be sure that your email address will not be sold by us.


  18. The images that I get are not good enough. Why canít we have high quality images everyday?

    There are four reasons for this.
    • Server space
    • Server bandwidth
    • Users with low-speed connection
    • Want of good enough Digital Camera
    We are running and maintaining this site on a shoe string budget. We have to consider the extra resources we will require to host and serve high quality images.

    Additionally, we have to ensure that everyone can take the benefit of darshan and have to think about users with slower connection speeds. We had to strike a right balance between quality and resources. At one point of time, we decided on having 2 sets of images for different users. But had to decide against it due to limited server space and decided on having a separate section on selected high quality wallpapers.

    Please donate to enable us to have better resources.

    The last problem has been taken care of. One devotee has sponsored a Nikon D70s SLR Digital Camera and some other devotees have sponsored tripod and memory cards for the camera. May lord shower his mercy on them.


  20. How can I contribute to the running of this site?

    There are 2 ways devotees can contribute.

    Financial help. Please donate. The donation will not only help us in running this site better but also help us in lots of other deity services.

    Non-financial help. This depends on what you can do and your field of interest. There are no fixed categories for this type of contribution. You can distribute the deity photograph CDs or get some other devotees to donate or help us in maintaining the site. Possibilities are endless. Contact us and let us know how you can help us.

  21. For what purposes are the donations used?

    The donations received from are used for running this site and strictly for deity related services. Deity services include offering prasadam, flowers, milk, dresses for the deities (shringar, shayan, festivals, etc). The full list of the deity services is available on the donation page.

  22. How can I be sure that donations given through this site will not be used for some undesirable purposes and will be used only for services mentioned?

    Although this question is never asked, we included it in FAQ and we have only one thing to say Ė Hare Krishna!! We are not running this site for profit or personal gains. We have only one selfish motive behind this - mercy of Krishna and consequential spiritual advancement. However, if you feel apprehensive about donating, then please donít donate. Keep visiting the site and keep taking darshan of the Lord everyday. May all of us receive his blessings and make spiritual progress.

  23. How much can I donate?

    That depends entirely on your willingness and ability. However, we would request for a minimum donation of Rs. 501/- or US $ 20 to ensure that we donít spend more on administrative expenses and collection charges then what we receive as donation.

  24. I donít have a credit card. How do I donate?

    You can make a cheque/DD payable to Sri Sri Radha Gopinath Mandir, payable at Mumbai and send it to Shri Shri Radha Gopinath Mandir, 7, K.M.Munshi Marg, near Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan, Chowpatty, Mumbai Ė 400 007.

  25. Can I send cash as donation?

    We do not encourage cash donations for accounting and legal issues. However, you are free to send it to us via money order.

  26. Can I donate for a specific cause/category?

    We do not encourage this. However, you can specify your intention when you send us the donation. We will make full attempt to use it for that purpose, but please spare us if we use it for some other purpose. There are 2 reasons for this.

    First is accounting. If we accept donation for a purpose, we will not like to use it for any other purpose. So we have to maintain detailed accounts to ensure this. We do not have enough man-power to do this. All the persons involved with running and maintenance of the site and deity services are already engaged throughout the day and putting more load on anyone is not desirable.

    Second, based on past experiences, we wanted to avoid the problem of mismatch. For example, if 100 people donate for flowers and only 10 for milk, we will have excess funds for flowers and shortage for milk. So we had to decide against accepting donations based on categories.


  28. Who is running this site?

    Shri Krishna, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and Srila Prabhupad. Without their mercy, we canít do anything. However, we would also like to make a mention of devotees who donate time and money to keep this site up and running. Additional mention is necessary of devotees who visit the site, take darshan and make us feel satisfied on being able to do something for the Lordís devotees. May Krishna bless us all.

  29. I have a question and I canít find the answer here. What do I do?

    Please contact us with the question and we will make every endeavour to answer it as quickly as possible.