Festival Darshans

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Festivals celebrated in the temple in 2015
Festivals Date
Pushya Abhishek 31st January
Nityananda Trayodashi 1st February
Gaur Purnima (Holi) 5th - 6th March
Sri Ram Navami 28th March
Chandan Yatra 21st April to 11th May
Nrisimha Chaturdashi 3rd May

Festivals celebrated in the temple in 2014
Festivals Date
Pushya Abhishek 25th January
Nityananda Trayodashi 12th February
Gaur Purnima (Holi) 16th - 17th March
Sri Ram Navami 8th April
Boat Festival 27th April
Nrisimha Chaturdashi 13th May
Chandan Yatra 2nd May to 22nd May
Jala Krida 8th June
Sri Sri Radha Gopinath Appearance Day 20th July
Jhulan Yatra 7th August to 10th August
Balaram Jayanti 10th August
Janmashtami 17th August
Radhashtami 2nd September
Sharad Purnima 8th October
Govardhan Puja 8th October